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Our Story

BACK WHEN WE WERE JUST A COFFEE BEAN Our journey dates back to the beginning of 2017 when during one of his global travels, Abhishek Khurana got to witness the unrivalled coffee culture in Vietnam. The rich and flavorful profile of Vietnamese coffee was unlike anything he had before and he instantly fell in love with it. Back in India, there was hardly anyone offering gourmet cold coffees and this got Abhishek wondering about the possibility of launching a ready-to-drink gourmet coffee brand in the Indian market.

THE KING OF COFFEE ARRIVES Brimming with hope and excitement about the potential of Kings Coffee, Abhishek set out to transform his ideas into real-life flavours. He started experimenting with innovative and quirky types of coffee that would appeal to the local palate, and feel new and fresh at the same time. After months of R&D and working with local Vietnamese farmers, Kings Coffee was finally launched under SCK International (the parent company behind KCC). It’s been over 5 years since, and Kings Cold Coffee has spread its wings throughout the country and is increasingly garnering the love of people across all age groups.

STORY BEHIND THE NAME We are often asked about this story. Well, during the French rule on Vietnam, the coffee plantation started in a big way and steadily became one of the prime drivers of the Vietnamese economy even after independence. ‘The King’ therefore started exporting coffee to boost the country economically and that’s where we draw our inspiration from.

THE BEANY BROMANCE Our mission from the start has been to provide coffee products that don’t burden the wallet and are easily accessible to consumers across both online and offline channels. Over the years, we have grown to new heights by adapting to changing environments, and by continuously expanding our core product range and market niches. Don’t just take our word for it, experience our cold coffees in Mocha, Vanilla, Original, Hazelnut & Latte and judge them for yourselves. And if you like to brew your own coffee, Kings Cold Coffee also comes in medium and dark roasts packages. Go ahead, grab yourself a cuppa!


About CEO

Abhishek Khurana, a young passionate guy whose motto is “Discover, salvage, & building”. Abhishek left his father’s Super successful business to create not one, but two brands in food FMCG sector. During his childhood days he visited groceries with his mom because new products and their colourful packaging always made him happy and elated. For him going to the grocery was as good and going to a chocolate factory. Right after college, Abhishek entered his fathers business and was doing extremely well. With in 2 yrs. of his father’s business he realised he was made for bigger things and his dream couldn’t be fulfilled there.

He wanted to created something more meaningful and something which is close to his heart. So he started his own trading business of foods items where he supplied to all the hotel chains and OSRs. Soon, after getting success in the same. He realised that something was missing so he created his own coffee brand KINGS COFFEE and a baking & confectionery brand ''Harvey’s''. Today king coffee is a very successful brand , available all over the country and Abhishek has worked very hard in creating a product which is available pan India and international. On personal note, Abhishek Khurana loves playing cricket, is a vivid reader and a stock market enthusiast.

Our Company

SCK International established in the year of 2017 by young passionate Mr. Abhishek Khurana. The company is self-founded company having presence across India. The company aims to provide an experience for all coffee lovers to try an indigenous coffee made with by using best beans from world no.2 coffee bean manufacturing country “Vietnam”. SCK International is bound to contribute toward environment and using eco-friendly glass bottle instead plastic bottles. The company’s purpose is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

MISSION The idea is “Value for money” products that is accessible to consumers all over the world and to manufacturer the best possible products with an eye towards “Green” practises and smoother work system for the staff.

VISION Kings Coffee aims to give uncompromisingly quality, flavour and simply better products to the customer. Kings coffee over the years grown to new heights by adapting to a changing environment, and by continuing to expand its own unique core products and market niches. Kings coffee is a manufacturer, market, and distributor of an expanding variety and nutritional, popularity price beverages and retail supermarket industries.



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