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Kings Coffee

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Cold Coffee Bottle

Glass bottle coffee with vietnamese arabica beans makings this into a authentic cold brew for coffee lovers.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour over bags with highest quality ground coffee designed to be brewed in three minutes perfect fresh hot coffee.

Cold Coffee Can

Thicker stronger & smooth coffee served in recyclable aluminium can.

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I really enjoyed the selection and taste of the coffee. I will definitely buy it again! Great quality coffee, I am an avid coffee lover and compete for various different coffee brands, this is so delicious with good quality coffee treat with such a low price. The product is really great taste and attractive…I believe it is much better than others reputed brands…

Geetika Verma

This is the second time I used this coffee. Nice flavor and this coffee smell also too good. I like this coffee in future also going to buy only this kings cold coffee. When I used this first time its fragrance and taste was too good that I never feel before in others brands. I also recommend to all for try kings cold coffee .

Rahul Singh

Excellent quality and taste. I’m a fan of this cold coffee. I love how it has the perfect blend of flavour coffee and just the right amount of sugar. Definitely better than other ready to drink brands available. A must buy product if ur fond of traditional home made cold coffee.

Shreya Aggarwal

Good in taste, A must try coffee for coffee lovers. Gonna buy this coffee in future also. All the flavours are too good.

Rajni Chauhan

Guys, You must order these cold coffee as it's soo Amazing nd Delicious in taste.. Different flavours available... Highly recommended to everyone

Radhika Bansal

I like this pre-made cold coffee. Don't find much difference between the different flavours but it's good to have it once a week in between lunch hours or in the evening. I have tried other pre-made ones which are mostly water. This is slightly thick, refreshing and gives a kick when you can't focus on work at home.


In my opinion this is the best cold coffee on the market. Taste is very good, it's a strong flavour and the bottles they come in are very handy

Katrina banito

If you love having cold coffee than you should must try Kings Cold coffee, amazing product quality, good looking packaging, good price point, last but not least it's imported too, amazing combination, IMPRESSED.

Devendra Kumar

This coffe is just so bloody delicious i have been a fan of traditional cold coffee at home, and i like all flavours of kings coffee has the perfect amount of sweetness and far vetter taste than Ready to drink coffee at home. the flavours and taste are so good that it keeps you wanting more.Only after trying this i realized what is real Coffee.


Very smooth coffee far better than the other products available in the market.

Kapil Bhati

With many competitors this brand stands unique based on its quality, taste and smoothness..with every sip you can feel the refreshing taste


Such a yummy coffee that I had to give you guys a review. Lovely aroma and well balanced acidity.

Pankaj Bajaj

Great taste and aroma. Well priced for the quality of product. Easy to brew and tastes good hot or on ice. Would definitely order again


Amazing!! Felt like the fresh brew…. ❤️❤️❤️ Do try out guys…

Saurav Kumar

The taste of hot brew is so amazing , full bodied and hits you well.



One of the best tasting coffees. Loved the taste and quality. It’s a must try!



Smell like fresh brew coffee. Amazing!




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